What Taxpayers Can Do Now To Prepare To File Taxes in 2022

Filing your taxes for 2022 may be a bit complicated if you received stimulus money or advance child tax credits. But according to the IRS, there are steps that those who received these payments or tax credit payments can take now to make sure their tax filing experience goes smoothly in 2022. They can start by visiting the Get Ready page at IRS.gov. Additional information can be found at irs@service.govdelivery.com.

Search for Lost or Forgotten Money

Let your past fund your future. Have you moved or undergone other life changes, and perhaps have forgotten money in a deposit account? Many people have unclaimed funds they simply never follow up on. Unclaimed funds are property or accounts where no activity has occurred as defined under state law. If, for instance, your grandmother opened a savings account for you and you forgot about it, it is not lost. The good news is that you can search for any unclaimed funds that might be in your name. To see if you have any unclaimed funds, visit the FDIC’s Unclaimed Funds page.