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Having our Field of Membership approved allowed us to move forward with distributing a community-wide survey. The survey was emailed out to you and several thousand others around the country. The NCUA will use the results to determine if the credit union should be issued a charter, so your participation is critical!

An acute need exists for our services. Our deteriorating schools, neighborhoods, and businesses reinforce the findings of our research. Centuries of oppression and systemic racism have created a wealth gap that will never close if we don’t control and manage our own money.

Eugene Mitchell, author of Closing The Racial Wealth Gap and founder of the $50 Billion Community Empowerment Movement, writes that, according to a 2016 report by the Corporation of Economic Development and the Institute for Policy Studies, it is expected to take 228 years before Black wealth reaches the current level of white wealth in the U.S.  read more


The Center for American Progress writes that “the persistent Black-white wealth gap is not an accident but rather the result of centuries of federal and state policies that have systematically facilitated the deprivation of Black Americans. From the brutal exploitation of Africans during slavery, to systematic oppression in the Jim Crow South, to today’s institutionalized racism—apparent in disparate access to and outcomes in education, health care, jobs, housing, and criminal justice—government policy has created or maintained” this system.

It is clear that we cannot look to government to solve the problem that many in government have sanctioned for us; we have to get back to a policy of doing for self.

It’s not hard! Today, it starts with filling out a survey that will help establish our own credit union. We have sent out two versions and the 2nd version was an electronic format to make it easier to return. I ask you to either return by snail mail or electronically. Or you can request our electronic copy If you did not get a copy, please email and we’ll get you one so that you may contribute!


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