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We have been celebrating! Why? Because we have a couple of milestones to share with the community about our chartering process.

In December 2021, our Field of Membership application was submitted to—and approved by!—the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

A credit union’s Field of Membership provides the legal definition of who is eligible to join the type of charter under which a credit union operates, and determines what groups or geographic areas it may serve. We have been approved to apply for a single common bond charter.

Specifically, the common bond delineates the relationship between a credit union and its members. Wikipedia defines it as “the social connection among the members of credit unions and co-operative banks. Common bonds substitute for collateral in the early stages of financial system development.” Read more


A community-based credit union is one in which members must live or work within a specific local area. Thus, the “common bond” is the area in which members of a credit union live or work.

Our approved common bond will be the membership of the Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. (CWSC) located in St. Petersburg, Florida. To join the proposed Graceline Credit Union, you need only join CWSC—more on that simple process is forthcoming.

We are excited at the prospect of being a catalyst for change by working with this powerful faith-based institution to bring ethical banking, financial empowerment programs, and more to underserved and unbanked communities. We share its goal of providing “practical knowledge and tools to help bridge the growing wealth gap.” Visit to learn more!

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